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Numbur Cheese Circuit Trekking

Numbur Cheese Circuit Trekking

Numbur Cheese Circuit trekking offers visitors excellent, spectacular view of magnificent Himalayan peaks including Langtang, Jugal Himal, Gaurishankar and Numburchuli and many more. Pass throughout profound river gorges, frosty lakes, rice fields, subtropical jungle and Sherpa Gaun to the Likhu river glacier, views over by the lofty peaks of Bigphera Go Pathibarra and Numburchuli, An opportunity to visit Nepal’s first cheese factory, established in 1957 and the famous Thodung Monastery on the way.

Numbur cheese circuit trek is based on the natural landscape wisely blended with the Sherpa culture and traditions. In April to May, rhododendrons bloom in abundance. There are massive chances to see eagles and musk deer as well as Himalayan Thar (goat), a species of goat antelope and many other animals. If lucky, you can catch a glimpse of the elusive snow leopard. “Leave only footprints behind you, take only memories when you leave” this concept of sustainable tourism is based on the basis that destination should remain unspoiled for future generations.

When planning this trekking product, great care was taken to make sure that the northern portion remained a wilderness and that lodges were not constructed: only eco-friendly campsites and trail improvements have been incorporated. The identity of Number cheese Circuit trek is initially with the highest peak in the area, Numburchuli at 6,959mtrs and with local products such as Yak cheese, high altitude traditional tea, local potato and other. You can choose the details of itinerary of Numbur cheese circuit trekking and make it as per your desire and holidays.

Major attraction of Numbur Cheese Crcuit Trek 

Major Valley
Khimti and Likhu River valley

Best viewing peaks

Sarmoche peak (5255m), Ramdung peak (5930m), Chukyima Go (6259m), Bigphrea Go Nup (6666m), Paniyo Tapa (6696m), Paniyo Shar (6549m) and Numberchuli (Shorong Yul Lha (6959m)


Linkhu Nup Glacier, Bigphere Go Glacier, Surmoche Glacier, Likhu Glacier

Major pass

Panchpokhari pass (4605m) and Gyajo La (4880m)


Beautiful high altitude lakes likePanch Pokhari, Jata Pokhari, Boula Pokhari, Bhale Pokhari, Dudh Pokhari

Beautiful pasturelands

Manedanda, Kholakharka, Tare, Kholaseer, Ngeju

Beautiful flora

Temperate to alpine vegetation, blooming rhododendron, Taxus, Alnus, Pine forest, bamboo forest

Beautiful fauna

More than 300 species of birds including pheasants (Danfe), musk deer, red panda, Himalayan thar, snow leopard, Himalayan black beer, Langoor monkey,

Best view points

Phokte, Manedanda, Panchpokhari, Gyajo La, Serding (Pannasa danda), Lapchane

Beautiful monastery

Thudung, Bhandar, Gumdel, Kyama, Lhachhewar


Terraced farming, mobile grazing system, traditional cheese production practices, ethno-botanical practices, depends on slow food like potato, cheese, wild foods, barley etc.

Socio-cultural practices

Lhosar celebration, Chouri dance, Janaipurnima festival during August



Day 02:  Kathmandu to Shivalaya (1790) staying at Hotel/lodge, It takes 9 hours Driving
Day 03:  Shivalaya trek to Khahare (7174m) Camping / home-stay
Day 04: Khahare to Panipakha (3105) camping, walk for around 4 hours
Day 05: Panipakha to Manedanda (3940) camping, walk around 3 hours, includes Kaleidoscopic view of Khimti river valley
Day 06: Manedanda to PanchPokhari (4515) camping, walk around 3 & a half hour in high altitude pastures & lakes, Cheese
Day 07: Panch Pokhari to Tare(4140) camping, hiking for around 5 hours, Glacier, Himalayan peaks, high altitude pastures
Day 08: Tare to Ngeju (3690) camping, 4 hours walk, Glacier walk, Himalayan peaks, high altitude pastures and lakes
Day 09: Ngeju to Lhachhewar (2665) Home-stay, 4 hours Wilderness walk, Sherpa home-stay experience
Day 10:  Lhachhewar to Kyama (2380) Home-stay, walk for around 4 hours, Sherpa home-stay experience
Day 11: Kyama to Gumdel (2255) Home-stay, hiking around 2 hours, Sherpa home-stay experience
Day 12: Gumdel to Serding Hotel/lodge, around 3:30 hours Wilderness walk, Beautiful pastures, dense forest, Numbur
Day 13: Serding  to Lapchane (3105) Home-stay, around 5 hours walk, Thudung Monastery, Newari Home-stay, Panorama
Day 14: From Lapchane to Those (1755) Hotel/lodge around 3:30 hours Walking through the forest
Day 15: Those Kathmandu (1350) Hotel/lodge, approximately 9 hours Drive to kathmandu


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