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Limi Valley Trek

Limi Valley Trek

Limi Valley trek is situated in Humla District of Nepal in the far-west Nepal. Limi Valley is one of the few least frequented trekking destinations of Nepal offers the access into rarely visited and mystic Limi Valley is like stepping back in time. Due to the isolated location, the villages are very untouched by modern development. During the Limi Valley trek you will find the century old Buddhist traditions interwoven with shamanistic influences are still an important part of daily life. Humla is offers hidden deep within the wilderness in the Himalaya of Nepal. The Limi Valley trek only opened to foreigners in 2002 as this area borders on Tibet in the far west of Nepal.

Humla is the most northern and isolated district of Nepal. It is culturally diverse, settled by highlanders know as Bhotias in northern part and occupied by Hindu Khasas in southern valley and riverbeds. You will experience this cultural diversity and rich is local tradition. Trekking through remote villages and crossing over some high passes and discovers ancient old Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in Limi Valley.

You follow the ancient salt trading and pilgrimage route to the border of Nepal and China, crossing the Nara La pass (4620 m) with spectacular views of the Himalayas. From the border town of Hilsa you turn northeast towards the Limi Valley. During this trek you have a chance to spot the elusive snow leopard, Himalayan blue sheep, jackals, hyenas and musk deer. You sleep in authentic, small Buddhist villages and camp in amazing spots amidst the snow-capped mountains.

If you want to get off the beaten track in a culturally rich region and into some amazing mountain scenery the Limi Valley trek is a great choice. The trek itself passes crosses two high passes; Nara La (4620m) and Nyalu La (4940m), but the highlight of the journey might be the ancient fortified villages of Janh, Halji and Til. The trek starts in Simikot which requires a flight from Kathmandu and then onward to Nepalganj and Simikot. Expect frequent flight delays so better to keep some extra days into your plans.

The best season is from May to October and its likely impossible due to snow blocked passes during other times of the year. It’s a self supported camping style trek that requires a restricted permit and representation by a local guide. For this trek, Trekkers should be qualified as reasonable level of physical fitness as moderate to strenuous day trip


Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu (1,350m)
Day 02: Sightseeing around Kathmandu Valley
Day 03: Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj (165m) - 50 min
Day 04: Flight from Nepalgunj to Simikot (2,950m) - 40 min
Day 05: Trek to Dharapuri (2,300m) - 4 hrs
Day 06: Trek from Dharapuri to Kermi (2,670m) - 4 hrs
Day 07: Trek to Yalbang (3,020m) - 5 hrs
Day 08: Trek to Muchu (3,120m) - 4 hrs or to Tumkot (3,380m) - 5 hrs
Day 09: Trek to Yari (3,700m) - 4 hrs or to Thado Dunga (3,750m) - 5 hrs
Day 10: Trek to Hilsa (3,720m) across the Nara La Pass (4,620m) - 7 hrs
Day 11: Trek to Manepeme (3,900m) - 5 hrs
Day 12: Trek to Til (4,000m) - 6 hrs
Day 13: Trek to Halji (3,660m) - 3 hrs
Day 14: Trek to Jang (3,930m) - 4 hrs
Day 15: Trek to Talung (4,370m) - 8 hrs
Day 16: Trek to Shinjungma (3,620m) across the Nyalu La Pass (4,940m) - 8 hrs
Day 17: Trek to Kermi (2,670m) - 7 hrs
Day 18: Trek to Simikot (2,950m) - 6 hrs
Day 19: Flight to Nepalgunj (165m) and Kathmandu (1,350m) - same day
Day 20: Rest day in Kathmandu
Day 21: Final departure to the Airport


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