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Halesi Mahadev Helicopter Tour

Halesi Mahadev Helicopter Tour

Halesi Mahadev Helicopter tour is a pilgrimage heli tour to visit one of the ancient and holiest places of Nepal. The temple is more the natural then the human made. Most amazing part of this temple is the cave of different story. Beauty of Cave, Temples and as well as its natural inheritance are just irresistible. The cave is associated with Guru Rinpoche in Buddhism and Lord Shiva to Hinduism. There are three mysterious caves. It is believed to be three eyes of Lord Shiva. A first cave called Haleswar Mahadev is an image of the image of Shiva. Second caved called Basaha cave is an image of Nandi. A third cave called Bhairava cave is an image of Bhairav. Halesi Mahadev temple is famous among the several pilgrims from all over Nepal and India. Thousands of people visit this temple daily by helicopter tour and road.

Halesi Mahadev temple (Halesi-Maratika Caves) situated in the remote area of the hilly region, it is quite a long way to drive means it takes about 10 hours to reach there by jeep and by helicopter it takes about 45 minutes to reach the famous Halesi Mahadev temple located in the Khotang District of eastern Nepal.

Halesi Mahadev helicopter tour is takes about 2 hours from Kathmandu provide enough time to explore caves, temple, monastery and surroundings. A total number of person accommodate in helicopter depend on total weight. Normally four to five people can share in one chartered helicopter.

Reaching at Halesi Mahadev temple there are 3 options - first option reach by Helicopter, second option reach by road and third option reach by scheduled flight to Lamidanda and take local transportation to Halesi temple. Morning flight to Lamidanda from Kathmandu and It takes 4 hours to reach Halesi from Lamidanda airport. Also it is possible to walks from Lamidanda to Halesi it takes about 5 to 6 hours. Stay overnight at Halesi and next day drive or walk to Lamidanda for your flight back to Kathmandu. However, Helicopter tour to Halesi Mahadev temple is the best and easy option to visit.


Trip Highlights:- 

  • Kathmandu to Halesi by a Helicopter Tour.
  • Visit Halesi Mahadev Temple, caves and back in Just 2 Hours From Kathmandu.
  • Worship Shiva God.


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